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Giới thiệu - Quality Management

 MESCO Co., Ltd focuses on supply and installation of industrial and domestic Mechanical- Electrical System. We commit to work under Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008 and we have been certified by DAS certification Ltd (Great Britain);

We always apply Quality Management System during the peiod from bidding, signing contract, developing execusion to the end of the warranty time.

MESCO Quality Management System is regularly improved, ammended accordingly to each project to bring the best to our customers.

We commit to bring our customers services of the best quality with our policy: Trust, Effectiveness, and High Quality.

               -                 Supply and installation of Transformers, Generators, and Electric panels. 

               -                           Supply and Installation of Lighting system for Workshops and High Buildings (indoor and outdoor).

-                           Supply and Installation of Water Supply & Drainage System, Industry and Domestic Sewage Disposal system.

-                           Supply and installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems.

-                           Supply and Installation of Fire alarm, Smoke alarm and Fire fighting system

-                           Supply and Installation of Elevator system.

-                           Supply and Installation of Access control; Camera supervision system, TV system….

-                           Supply and Installation of LAN, WAN systems.

-                           Supply of Interior/ Extrior Decoration.

-                           Construction of Industry, Civil, Traffic, Irrigation, and Backfilling….



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